Our classes and club are held every Tuesday at The Forum at Greenwich in East Greenwich, Trafalgar Road, SE10 9EQ and every Thursday at Lagos Bar, 221 Lee High Road, Lewisham, SE13 5PQ.

We teach four levels of salsa and teach both Cuban Style and Cross Body (LA) style.

Beginners (Level 1) 7.30pm – 8.30pm

For those new to salsa, we teach you basic steps and spins so you can impress your friends, family and colleagues. Don’t worry if you have two left feet as the steps are broken down in a way that absolute beginners will understand and the “not so” absolute beginners can refresh themselves. It wont be that long before you could be better than the stars in Strictly Come Dancing!!

Improvers (Level 2) 8.30pm – 9.30pm

For those who have the basic steps and want to learn better footwork with spins and an introduction to improvising. Some beginners may like to do the Beginners at 7.30 and the Improvers at 8.30 until they feel comfortable enough to do just this class or to try Improvers and Intermediate. Two classes are offered at the discounted rate of £8 – just an additional £2 for a second class.

Intermediate (Level 3) 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Here we teach techniques that will help you become a more confident dancer. This includes spin sequences and turn patterns to a higher level. This will allow you to improvise your dancing. We concentrate on guys leading their partners correctly and ladies following accordingly. We also teach you fancy footwork/shines that you will be able to use confidently in the Advanced Class and during social dancing…

Advanced (Level 4) 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Concentrates on style, advanced footwork and turn patterns to help students express themselves and take their dancing to a higher level. We encourage students to develop and build on their own styles to be able to “shine” on the dance floor.

You can move between different classes so that you can progress at the right speed for you. You may even want to repeat a beginners or improvers class if you really want to get your footwork and spins solid. You can also do different combinations of classes if you want to brush up on different aspects of your dancing, for example you could do Beginners and Improvers, Improvers and Intermediates, Intermediates and Advanced or even Beginners and Advanced for established female dancers who perhaps want to learn to lead.

The club 9.30pm – late

Remember that the club is there for all dancers, beginners through to intermediates. Even if it seems scary to venture onto the dance floor for the first time, this is the best way of really improving your steps and rhythm and testing out how much you have learnt, especially as people dancing with you will not necessarily know what you have done in class. If you don’t know anyone ask Ify, Simon, Feargal, Faith, Becky or any of the regulars who will be more than happy to dance with you. We pride ourselves as London’s friendliest salsa club.